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Job Description: kick.com growth Overview: We are seeking a dynamic and experienced professional to join our team as a Social Media Follower Growth Specialist. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and executing strategies to increase our social media followers across various platforms. The ideal candidate is passionate about social media, has a deep understanding of audience engagement, and can leverage creative tactics to boost our follower count. Responsibilities:
  1. Strategy Development:
    • Create and implement comprehensive strategies to increase follower numbers on key social media platforms.
    • Analyze current social media presence and identify growth opportunities.
  2. Content Optimization:
    • Collaborate with content creators to ensure that posts are optimized for maximum visibility and engagement.
    • Explore and implement innovative content ideas to attract and retain followers.
  3. Audience Engagement:
    • Foster meaningful interactions with followers through comments, direct messages, and other engagement tactics.
    • Monitor trends and conversations to stay relevant and responsive to audience interests.
  4. Partnerships and Collaborations:
    • Identify and establish partnerships or collaborations with influencers, brands, or relevant entities to cross-promote and enhance follower growth.
  5. Analytics and Reporting:
    • Track and analyze social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of follower growth strategies.
    • Provide regular reports and insights to the team, highlighting successes and areas for improvement.

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This app will include Android, IOS, and Huawei Platform apps. We will provide you bundle only. Other stuff, You have to manage it by yourself.

Yes, definitely it will include but you have to purchase Addon separately and I will create that asset for you as well.

No sorry, Apps creation and setup will be included but if you need me to upload your app t respective stores? Just purchase my addon for upload app on Stores and I will take care of uploads as well.
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